What is Persona Blockchain?

Persona is a zero knoweldge trust protocol based on Ark Ecosystem's blockchain technology. It is a zero knowledge trust protocol in which, the very foundation, the corner stone on top of which we build, is the identity. But once the identity is being established, can be used for any unique attribute/skills an individual might have(we can talk about medical records, voting systems, reviews, skillset, decentralized AirBnB, facebook or messaging apps, fight fake news or any kind of interaction we can think of if involves the interaction between one individual and a third party). We've picked Ark as the underlying technology for Ark's capability to inter-connect with different other blockchains, so the applications developed on top of Persona can harness this feature and provide or consume trust cross-blockchains.

Our documentation is a "living organism" being updated as we progress with the developement of Persona as trust protocol. So if you don't find some particular details, let us know and we'll add it as soon as possible.