Created by

Vlad Tomsa

Nov 19, 2018

Becoming a persona notary

Persona Identity API allows three types of users

  • IDENTITY_USER: a Persona User that uses our service to create his/hers identity

  • NOTARY: a Persona User that validates IDENTITY_USER's identity

  • SYS_ADMIN: currently unused. Designed for administrating the platform

As a person that navigates on the identity wallet, I have the possibility to create an account as an IDENTITY_USER (by default) or a NOTARY. Account creation can be done on the "register" page.

In order to become a NOTARY, there is a "Become a Persona notary" checkbox on the registration form. When checking this checkbox, the user needs to complete his contact info in order to be visible as a notary.

Any user can become a notary, even if an account was already created as an IDENTITY_USER.

In order to change your user type, you need to go to the "my profile" page, check "Become a Persona notary", and fill in the required contact info.

Required contact info fields:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Address

  • Phone number

Request for becoming a notary

Identity service endpoint:

  • Create: /api/users

  • Update: /api/users/{userId}

Request body:JSON Data

      "address":"Some address",  
      "city":"Cluj Napoca",  

Notaries are displayed based on their location. When searching for notaries, they are sorted based on the distance from you.

Once a contact info is uploaded on the Identity Service, an geolocation thread tries to find the exact geolocation (latitude, longitude) of the specified address, using Google as a location provider.

Creating notarisation requests

Once a user creates an identity attribute, this attribute has the option to be notarised. Some validations may appear, depending on the attribute type (eq. some attributes may require an associated document in order to be notarised)

On the identity page, when accessing the attribute details section, you have the option to "Validate attribute". This opens a wizard that allows finding notaries, selecting the desired notary and creating a validation request for the selected notary and attribute.

All validation requests created by a user are displayed on the "My validation requests page". Here the user can see all his/hers requests, their status, and if there are any "Pending approval" requests, he has the option to cancel these requests.

Responding to notarisation requests

As a Persona notary, the Identity Wallet allows you to manage your validation requests on the "Validation requests page".

Here you can view/filter all your validation requests and manage them (Accept/Decline/Notarise/Invalidate).