Created by

Vlad Tomsa

Dec 19, 2018

Creating providers

Currently providers can be created on our platform by a system admin.

Once a system admin accesses Persona Identity Wallet, he has access to the "Providers" section, where he can create or view a list of all the providers in our system.

Required fields for creating a provider: email, username, firstName, lastName.

Once an admin creates a provider, an email is sent to the specified address, in order to complete his profile (password, personaAddress) [Same as registration process].

Creating services

As a provider, when I log in to the platform I have access to the "provider" related sections: **my services **& identity use requests.

On the my services page providers can manage their services (View, Create or Inactivate).

Creating a service requires the fallowing attributes: serviceName, serviceDescription, required attributes (a set of attributes persona users need to have active in order to request a service) and required number of validations for each attribute.